• Wales National Flooding Conference

    The latest plans for flooding control and new technologies' achievements have been discussed at the 2018 conference.

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    Child playing - Photo: CC Pixabay

    Over-subscribed schools in Cardiff

    This September, more than 100 children in Cardiff may fail to get into their ideal schools on time.

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    CC: Teaching kids how to shop healthy

    Cardiff entitled the first Veg City in Wales

    Food organizations like Green City and Food Cardiff are working hard to increase people's consumption of vegetables in Cardiff.

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    Cardiff at air pollution limit

    Cardiff is right at the limit of air pollution guidelines of WHO.

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    Project launched to address dementia

    A new service was launched to address the needs of people affected by dementia.

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Patrick: the birdman

Patrick Duggan hikes down at 7 A.M. everyday to feed the birds at the Bute Park.

Cardiff City’s Promotion boosts Local Businesses

Next football season could put a spotlight on Wales and on its economy

Forgiveness in Different Religions

A Krishna temple in Cardiff Bay held a forgiveness workshop. A number of people came to learn how to forgive and the real meaning of forgiveness. Forgiveness is always mentioned by religions. However, for those common people who does not have religions, forgiveness is also necessary. Tarakanath das, who is a Krishan, was the lecturer […]

Public awareness needed to reduce hypertension

This May is about attaching importance to health.

Human Trafficking In Cardiff

Human trafficking is a problem that not many in Cardiff are aware about but one which exists in all forms from modern slavery to domestic servitude and even sex trade. Most of these victims are from South African and eastern European countries such as Nigeria, Albania and even Romania and are vulnerable people who are […]

Tackling harassment

Talks about online regulation took place in Westminster this week, considering the growing concern for online safety. However, the issue goes beyond social media and also affects women’ safety daily, as many still do not feel safe when walking in the streets.

Welsh Roman history behind the Roman event

Between 15th and 16th of May, Cardiff Castle held a Roman Event, showing Roman normal life by volunteering players. History expert Dr Kate Gillier talked about the Roman history behind the Roman Event.  These players are volunteers and they have day-time jobs. They are paid by themselves. This event is held during this season every […]

Together ending homelessness

Musicians against homelessness weekender created awareness and helped raise money to elevate the conditions of the needy.

Cathays, more than a student area

Cathays Compass is a charity organization that works to bring the sense of community to Cathays, which is known as the student area of Cardiff.

From black to green: how old mines in Wales can still be precious resources

Blaengarw Colliery in 1962

Old mines and colliery spoil tips could still be valuable resources for Wales, even without coal production.