• Live blog: Cardiff's environmental issues

    Cardiff News Plus reporters join forces with InterCardiff to cover the big issues in the environment

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    Crew of the show Photo: Voices Of Eve Theatre Company

    Reduced Womanhood?

    Hundreds went to see a play which aims to raise more social concern towards older women

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    Hiroko Sue played Koto representing the diversity of performances presented in the ceremony. Photo Credit:CNP

    Achievements of BME women

    Women from different ethnic backgrounds were identified as role models in a big ceremony in Cardiff

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    jam and preserves

    Local taste from pop-up market

    Welsh producers brought their handmade products to local people in Newport over the weekend. Hundreds of people came to support their local market.

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    Art Work at Chapter. Photo: CNP

    Unspoken words speak out loud

    Visitors found out what the invisible language tries to convey through visual arts and live performances.

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Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Market

Natalie Jones_Stall Holder Photo: CC

Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Market was held in Cardiff early this month. Hundreds of people came to join.

Cardiff North voters focus on national issues

Cardiff City Hall    Photo: CNP

Prime Minister Theresa May announced a snap general election last month. In the face of Brexit, what does this election mean for Cardiff?

Fight against mental illness


Somaliland Mental Health Support Organisation, a charity organisation in Cardiff aims to improve the mental health condition of Somaliland.

Waiting for a Fur-ever Home

Photo: Pixabay (CC)

With summer holidays approaching, shelters in Wales are expecting to be filled with new dogs, previously bought as Christmas presents or companions for elderly people .

Cardiff welcomes a new Museum

The Museum of Military Medicine in Aldershot photo: David Hawgood.

Cardiff will be the new home of the Museum of Military Medicine, which will be opened to the public in 2020.

Women Connect First


Women from certain societies often feel voiceless due to their circumstances or different societal norms. Women Connect First has changed women’s lives.

Tom Davies Memorial Day

Tom Davies' mother Lynda Davies. Photo: CNP

Tom Davies Memorial Day was held at Hailey Park in Llandaff north not only to remember Tom, but to strengthen community spirit.

Stories of fairy tale makers


The UK children’s book market reached the fastest growth in a decade, but people working in this industry have different opinions about it.

Through their lens: Dementia Awareness Day

Memoria Group presented stories of courage by people living with dementia. Photo: CNP

Fighting with social isolation and improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their families is what Dementia Awareness Day tried to achieve.

Hundreds call for legalization of cannabis

Cannabis March Photo: CNP

Hundreds of people marched through the centre of Cardiff calling for legalization of cannabis.