Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Market

Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Market Photo:CC

Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Market Photo:CNP

Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Market was held in Cardiff early this month. Hundreds of people came to join. A variety of vegan products had been shown to people. The event organiser hopes to introduce the idea of veganism to more people.

In recent years, people has become more and more familiar with the concept of veganism.  Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

In 2016, the Vegan Society in partnership with Vegan Life Magazine commissioned research which found at least 542,000 people in Britain are now following a vegan diet and rarely consume any animal products including meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs and honey. This is a tremendous increase since the last estimate of 150,000 ten years ago.

Sue Thomas Organiser Photo: CC

Sue Thomas Organiser   Photo: CNP

“I went vegan ten years ago, and it changed my whole life. I have held lots of vegan event, because my passion is with animals and with the vegan way of life,” said Mrs Sue Thomas, the event organiser.  She said animals are being treated in a very cruel way, especially in farming industry. Sue believes that animals also deserves to be respected  and human beings should try best to protect animals instead of harming or abusing them for their own interests.

Natalie Jones_Stall Holder Photo: CC

Natalie Jones_Stall Holder Photo: CNP

In fact, veganism is not just about diet. Vegans avoid exploiting animals for any purpose, with compassion being a key reason many choose a vegan lifestyle. From accessories and clothing to makeup and bathroom items, animal products and products tested on animals are found in more places than you might expect. Fortunately nowadays there are affordable and easily-sourced alternatives to just about everything. “Nowadays, we can almost find vegan substitutes for products of every aspects of our life. So why don’t each of us just contribute a little to protect animals and make the world we live in to be a better place,” said Natalie Jones, one of the stall holders.

Many vegans feels that being a vegan not only benefits them in a physical level, but also make them feel better in a spiritual level. They think being a vegan makes them feel more connected with the universe and it is a freedom for them. Most importantly, it makes them feel they are not a part of the cruelty to animals.

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