Kurdish seek Justice in Wales

Wales had become the first country in the world to show solidarity with the Kurdish hunger strikers through its national Parliament. 

The decision was made after Imam Sis, a resident of Newport and member of Plaid Cymru, went on hunger strike for almost 100 days. Bethan Sayed, a Plaid Cymru Politician presented the debate in the national assembly of wales in support of the Kurdish Community.

A protest was started in Newport supported by the Kurdish community in Wales.

Protest. Photo: Mark Campbell

From Newport it then then reached Cardiff and to the National assembly of Wales. Earlier this year Imam Sis was interviewed about his views on the protest. Cardiff Plus spoke to him yesterday after almost 100 days he told us about what the hunger strike would help the Kurds.

The hunger strike by Imam Sis was done in solidarity of their leader, Abdullah Öcalan who was arrested in turkey and has been in prison for almost 20 years.

Protesters outside National Assembly of Wales. Photo: CNP

Outside the assembly a non-Kurdish resident of Cardiff, Jill Davies joined the demonstration and said – ” I see a lot common in Welsh and the Kurds that inspired me to join the motion.”

On the 27th March Kurdish community in Newport will be organising an event for people of wales to tell them more about the Kurds, their vision and the Philosophy of their leader, Abdullah Öcalan.


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