Photos show strength of mothers in Africa

Camera and video editing: Kainan Cao

A Welsh charity named “Mothers of Africa” has been working with local experts in Zambia to reduce the maternal mortality rate of African babies by offering healthcare training and education. Captured in a series of  images, photographer, Paul Crompton has mounted an exhibition about women and girls he met working with the charity in Zambia.

Photos by Paul Crompton of mother in Zambia. Photo: CNP.

“These are the women who have survived childbirth, and often many births, and the girls whose future the charity is working to improve.” He says, “This exhibition reflects just a fraction of their strength and beauty.”

Many expectant mothers like the women in the picture would have given birth at home in the past. But now they go to hospital where they can wait in safety for the due date. They can get help from professional midwives and more proper birth care, the charity says.

Mothers of Africa. Photo: CNP.

Mothers of Africa says education and knowledge may enable people to take control of their lives, promote health and reduce poverty.

More details check out the video.

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