Residents gather to clean the streets

 42 local residents of all age groups came together to clean up Grange Gardens and surrounding streets to make the place litter free. The litter pick was organised by a Grangetown Community Action Initiative – Keep Grangetown Tidy. 

Cleanliness drive in Grangetown. Picture: Cardiff News Plus

Land pollution in Cardiff has reached to a critical point. Littering and Fly tipping is a growing concern for the Council and residents as well. Recently, the council even met to discuss the strategies that can be used to tackle the problem. This challenge of keeping the City clean and tidy was identified as a result of researchers and surveys.

The council  came up with recommendations like the creation of a dedicated litter enforcement team,  Improved use of technology to gather better data on litter and fly tipping and to support more efficient resource allocation.

Siona Fidler. Picture: Fiona Mcallister

Sioned Fidler, a resident of grangetown says “When kids see rubbish around they ask what can be done to solve this issue? This is something that they are taught in school and the garbage around worries them.”

With so much work going on people still find themselves surrounded by garbage. The community of Grangetown formed an organisation named Keep Grangetown tidy, who happen to be a group of volunteers. It was formed in the year 2015 and with every meeting the number of volunteers keep on increasing.

Fiona Mcallister, the Organiser says ” People are getting more aware about their responsibilities  about keeping their area clean. Such litter picks even contributes towards the mission of keeping the city clean.”

Members of the Community. Picture: Fiona Mcallister

The community meets once a month with the aim to clean up different. Taking an inspiration by this Cardiff and Vale College ESOL Entry 1 & 3 students did a litter pick walking from the college down to Cardiff Bay.

Such initiatives attract people from different age group. The last litter pick saw little kids along with old residents helping and contributing towards keeping the are clean.

Grangetown litter pick. Picture: Fiona Mcallister

Cardiff can soon be litter free and with so much work done by different community organisations the vision of keeping the city clean looks clear. The involvement of kids and people from different age groups is bringing  a positive change in the local community.


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