Splott against further budget cuts

Star Centre, Splott  Photo: yourCardiff

Star Centre, Splott. Photo: yourCardiff (CC)

Cardiff Council’s plans for budget cuts to various social services in Splott have prompted a local group called ̏ Cardiff Against the Cuts˝  to urge local people to voice their disagreement with the proposals.

On Saturday protesters gathered outside the STAR Centre, where the monthly surgeries were due to take place, to express their objection with the Council’s plans to their councillors. However, none of the local representatives attended their meetings.

The Splott area of Cardiff is suffering many simultaneous hits. Various budget cuts made by the Council to the local social services are to affect thousands in the community and further damage the situation in the area.

The news that broke last week will see the Moorland Road Community Centre unable to provide the 6000 meals it cooks per year for the elderly in the area. The Community Centre has been told it faces cuts of thousands of pounds that could get as high as a third of its budget.

This news comes on top of plans to close the play centres in various areas of Cardiff, including Splott. However, the Council says the local playgroup will be able to use the East Moors Youth Centre occasionally for their activities. In addition, the STAR Centre in Splott is to be demolished and the replacement  ̏ hub˝ will not have a sports hall.

Star Centre, Splott. Photo: CNP

Star Centre, Splott. Photo: CNP

Budget cuts: Easy solution or a necessity?

Cardiff Against the Cuts claims that over the years the Council has cut funds from many services causing damage to many areas and leaving a lot of local employees out of work. Overall £130 million has been cut since 2009 by Liberal/Plaid and Labour Councils. As a result, 1600 council workers have been shown the door in the last four years alone.

Cardiff Council also intends to cut another £115 million over the next three years. But the group suggest there is an alternative. According to them, the Council has £47 million in reserves. The proposed budget already plans to use £1.5 million. They say the Council has powers to borrow £10 million more.

João Filipe Ruivo Félix, member of Cardiff Against the Cuts, says that they are trying to make them aware of what they can do.

“We’re trying to build cautiousness particularly in councillors but also in the population, just to try to see if they try to lobby them to keep things open. It has given us some significant features in the past and it might give us in the present“, adds Mr. Ruivo Félix.

Local Councillor Gretta Marshall opposes the cuts, claiming that they ̏ will be devastating and rip the heart from Splott community˝.

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