Turn the tide on plastic pollution

Plastic litter collected by Cardiff Rivers Group. Photo: CNP

Volunteers gathered in Cardiff Bay to clean the river Taff from plastic debris, but this is not the only way which people in Cardiff are using to tackle plastic pollution. 


Camera & video editing: Teresa Rodriguez

More than 20 people went out on Saturday morning and gathered in Hamadryad Park, Cardiff to turn the tide on environmental pollution. This event was held by Cardiff Rivers Group, who have been working to clean watercourses for years. In support of Keep Wales Tidy, volunteers started their morning in the local park with hundreds of empty bags to fill. After a safety briefing, people spread all over the park and along the Taff embankment. In less than a few hours, many bags were filled with plastic waste which was picked up from the river remains. The plastic collected will be transformed in shampoo bottles thanks to the help of Keep Wales Tidy and Terracycle.

Garbage being collected by volunteers. PhotoC: CNP

Local shops and businesses are now involved to battle the pollution caused by plastic.

The fight  against plastic pollution is not only confined on the river embankment. Thanks to the work of Cardiff Rivers Group, the river Taff in Cardiff took advantage from last cleaning. But the fight against plastic in Cardiff has gone forward. In August, Nia Jones and Douglas Lewns launched ‘The No Straw Stand’, a campaign which aims to make local businesses plastic free. The group first approached small independent cafes and asked them to be part of the campaign. The main aim is to persuade shops to not use plastic straws. Ever since the campaign started, more than 30 businesses have joined it.


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