Virtual Reality to raise awareness on Cancer

Tenovus Cancer Care shop at Capitol Centre. Photo: CNP.

The Tenovus Cancer Care charity in Cardiff is using virtual reality tools to raise people’s awareness to the life-threatening diseaseĀ at the 2019 Cardiff Science Festival.

With a virtual reality headset, one can realistically experience cancer research labs and cancer related project achievements through visual stimulation.

This interactive activity is expected to raise people’s awareness especially younger people on Cancer and prevent the disease with the help of early detection.

Virtual Reality headset. Photo: CNP.

The organizer of this event, Doctor Lisa Whittaker says they want more people to know the key prevention methods of different kinds of cancer and lead a healthy life.

”Unfortunately and sadly, cancer affects one in two people nowadays. We want to try to educate people and raise as much awareness as possible about how to prevent cancer. Even though the statistics are sad, we also know that four in ten types of cancer can be prevented. So we want people to stop smoking and protect themselves.”

Apart from the virtual reality lab tour, Tenovus also invited a researcher supported by the charity to share about her discoveries on breast cancer.

Rochelle Ahmed, from Cardiff University says that it is essential to make people know the importance of funding research students who may make progress in cancer prevention and treatment like her.

”I think events like the Cardiff Science Festival can raise people’s awareness and ensure that funding carries on as it’s so important to continue the research. As myself taking part in researches, it’s so important. We’re ready to make changes to so many people’s life around the world.”

This is the first years’ return of Cardiff Science Festival since 2015. People can see more information on the Cardiff Science Festival website and enjoy their favourite activities.


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