Students push environmental awareness

Schools in Wales are joining in a variety of campaigns to save the climate.

More than 20 schools in Cardiff have signed up in an energy saving campaign to help Wales becoming more sustainable.

The campaign named Ten Day Turn Down, which is held by Cardiff Council almost every year, runs from February 4 to 15 this year.

It aims to promote students and staffs’ daily energy saving and environmental protection actions by daily tips and competitions.

Radnor Primary, one of the schools that take part in the activity every year, is also encouraging students to cultivate environmental awareness through day-by-day actions.

Radnor Primary. Photo: CNP

“It’s a good idea for all people to be involved in this initiative to have little tips and tricks about how we can save energy. And not just to do it for ten days. But to be able to have the habit to have a better practice through all the year,” said teacher Eoghan Walsh.

According to the school, the monitor set up by the school will go around every room from time to time and remind users to turn off lights, computers or dripping water faucets when leaving. Classes that save energy without prompting will be rewarded with a star. And schools that save the most energy will then have the opportunity to receive event-related rewards. Students can develop good habits and feel the joy of competition at the same time.

In addition to the campaign, dozens of schools around Wales, including Radnor Primary, will join in a Youth Strike 4 Climate protest on Friday. It is to urge national government taking actions to climate change as soon as possible.

Student made Poster for YouthStrike4Climate

The organiser Beth Irving said,  this is their first Strike in the UK and several hundreds of people are expecting to reach the protest venue outside the Senedd.

People around Cardiff are also supporting the protest in various ways through social media. Radnor Primary also organised students to record a chorus (written by Kitty Stewart) of video in support of the protest.

School wall in Radnor Primary. Photo: CNP

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