Your fear shouldn’t hold you back

Felicitation. Picture: Fero Hajnovic

Toastmasters, a global organisation is helping people overcome their fear of public speaking and stage-fright.

Stammering and stage-fright holds people back from achieving their career goals, Toastmasters say. They add that overcoming stage fright makes people become better leaders because of constant engagement and inputs.

According to an online organisation helping in presentations, Ethos,  fear of public speaking cuts wages by 10% and inhibits promotion to management by 15%.

Speakers at the event agree that a lot of people believe that it’s not the fear of performing that stops them from achieving their life goals but it’s the fear of speaking in a high pressure environment that holds them back.

Public speaking session. Photo: CNP

Toastmasters meet every first and third Wednesday of month in Cardiff. The session is open to everyone and people can participate as guest and take part in few events. The members perform as speakers and are evaluated by other members. Toastmasters evaluate each other in order for even judges to understand how well they’re doing.

People participating in the events say that they’ve felt a lot better after attending the sessions. Aditya Ambraham one of the members felt toastmasters has influenced a lot in his life and made a positive impact in shaping his communication skills.

Toastmaster is coming up with an inter-Cardiff event where different clubs from the area will participate and several speakers will take part.



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