Raising money for Rohingya refugees

Photo of football tournament

Football tournament photo: CNP CC

Over 20 young men in Cardiff participated in a football tournament during the weekend. More than a game, this event, in conjunction with Ummah Month, is held by the Muslim charity IKRAM Wales& South West to raise funds for the Rohingyas, which is the minority group in Myanmar. 

The event organiser Ibrahim Ahmed says that it is hard to spread their idea to the community only by using words, so they have this event to tell people more about the Rohingya issue to let them become more aware of this.

“I think it can help the Rohingya people by donating money to them and also raise people’s awareness of the issue of not only the Rohingyas but all people who are less fortunate around the world”, Mr Ahmed says.

Photo of talk on Rohingya

Talk on Rohingya Photo: CNP CC

As well as the football tournament, an interactive talk has also been conducted by the charity in Dar-ul-Isra, one of the mosques in Cardiff. Untold stories about Rohingya was revealed during the talk.

According to the speaker Dr.Munawar Hatta, Rohingya people suffer a lot from being persecuted, discriminated and also their citizen is still being denied by their own government Myanmar.

Dr.Munawar says to CNP, “Rohingya refugees are still suffering physically and psychologically. Most of the children in refugee camps have no access to basic education. If they grow up without even basic education, then we will see the whole generation will be deprived of intellectual ability to live a normal life.”

Photo of Rohingya refugees

Rohingya refugees photo: DFID Burma CC

In order to give more help for the Rohingyas, Dr.Munawar says, charity organisations should give a clear picture of the current issue. Besides, communities around the world especially the neighbouring countries like Malaysia need to send the relief aid and provide other basic needs for them. Last but not least, Pressures should be put on the Myanmar government and this can be done by using either the media or the UK government. “By these pressures, hopefully the Myanmar government can recognise its own ethnic group and actually give the human rights to them. Then we may step closer to achieve our aims”, Dr.Munawar says.

photo of charity food

Charity food photo: CNP CC

According to the project manager Naurah Norzan, the money raised by the charity will be all transferred to Israa Institution, the official institution of IKRAM UKE, to offer the Rohingyas more settlements and relief aid.

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