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13 YouTube channels to discover great music

If you are tired of the mainstream music you hear, YouTube music channels have tunes for all tastes.

Fed up with the Kanye West headlines? Tired of the same old MTV and Vevo tunes your ears just can’t stand anymore? You’ll be glad to know some people have been working on alternatives for quite some time.

In the past few years, YouTube has hosted a thriving music scene: a number of channels have grown rapidly by selecting and putting together the best music they could find, so listeners could have it all in one place.

The channels usually revolve around a genre and bring you both the popular tunes you might hear on the radio or in a TV spot as well as the latest tunes from unknown and unsigned artists. It is also a great way to browse artists and find music that you didn’t know even existed.

Here are some of the very best.

13) Wave of Good Noise (Indie)

Wave of Good Noise is a selection of indie music from some Swiss guys who have great taste in music. For two years, they have been trying to promote artists who deserve more recognition, from folk music to indie rock, from pop to chillwave.

Subscribers: 60,000

12) Mr Suicide Sheep (Electronic)

Mr Suicide Sheep is one of the most successful YouTube music channels. It promotes all sorts of electronic music, from dance to dubstep. It was also one of the first music channels launched on the platform – it has been active for about five years.

Subscribers: 4.1 million

11) The Hyve (Indie Rock)

The Hyve makes Indie Rock its focus, and has been publishing great, fast-paced, new songs for about two years.

Subscribers: 110,000

10) Rap City (Hip Hop)

From the Southern dirty hip hop to the hardcore stuff, from the old school tunes to the more melodic remix like the 2Pac, Notorious BIG and Flume mashup above, Rap City is all about hip hop.

The channel is relatively new, having launched less than one year ago, but has grown very quickly. Expect BIG things.

Subscribers: 210,000

9) All Trap Music (Trap)

Mix some heavily extended bass lines, strong lyrics and kick drums and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what trap music is. Although it’s been around for a fair while now, the genre has experienced a massive revival during recent times.

All Trap Music has been leading the YouTube trap scene for three years, publishing the best in the genre, from Baauer to Keys N Krates, to Major Lazer. Get ready to twerk.

Subscribers: 1.2 million

8) MORindie (Alternative)

Active for over two years, MORindie brings you the best alternative and indie music from the United States.

Subscrivers: 65,000

7) The Sound You Need (Chillwave)

From bass and house to lounge music, The Sound You Need brings together the best new chilled electronic music. After its rapid success, the channel has also started to experiment with music beyond YouTube, holding its very first festival in Paris in March 2015.

Subscribers: 3.5 million

6) Galaxy Music (Deep House)

Galaxy Music focuses on deep house and other genres of dance music, from dubstep to trap.

Subscribers: 370,000

5) Majestic Casual (Multiple Genres)

Quite the mainstream choice here, but it’s impossible not to mention Majestic Casual. It has been one of the very first music channels to launch on Youtube back in 2011, and set the tone quite high. Part of the German Majestic brand, it brings YouTube a selection of many different kinds of music, from electronic and experimental, to hip-hop, indie, and pop.

The channel also features signature photography – usually involving sexy women – and always has a distinctive relaxed feel to its music.

Subscribers: 2.8 million

4) Future Classic (Indie pop)

It’s a bit unfair to include Future Classic on the list, because this one is actually an Australian record label. But it publishes all of its tracks on its YouTube channel, and well, its tastes in indie music just deserve a place on the list anyway.

They worked with Flume, Chet Faker, Bodhi and Panama, and while not yet classics, their songs do sound great.

Subscribers: 240,000

3) La Belle Musique (Chillwave)

La Belle Musique has made a name for itself publishing new remixes of popular songs, like the Filous’ remix of Kodaline’s “High Hopes”. Its genres are often a chilled mix that are hard to define, positioned somewhere between pop, electronic and chillwave.

Subscribers: 1.4 million

2) MOSTLY Strings (Alternative, Ambient, Indie)

Need to chill? MOSTLY Strings will cut it for you. Based in Portugal, the channel has been publishing only the most relaxed songs with an acoustic guitar arpeggio for a couple of years, making that its trademark sound. Featured artists include The National, Ben Howard, and Jose Gonzales.

If you are stressed, need to think or are furious at someone, just open the channel, lie down and play on loop.

Subscribers: 140,000

1) Sound Is Style (Dance)

Sound Is Style is slightly more aggressive and more hip hop oriented than La Belle Musique, but the concept is similar: melodic remixes of pop tunes that you may already now.

The tracks have a dance feel to it, and will definitely bring you the good mood and swag you need to start the spring – try the Matoma remix of good old Notorious BIG to experience it.

Subscribers: 300,000

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