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Ted gives the floor to Monica Lewinsky

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Ted Talks. They always bring out some surprise speakers. As well as bringing out the usual tech heads and Silicon Valley pioneers, they often bring out musicians and entrepreneurs doing something different. However, many people were surprised when Monica Lewinsky was given the floor last week.

The basis of her talk was on the issue of cyber bullying. A subject that is believed to be a modern problem but, according to Lewinsky, it was just a prevalent during the scandal she was caught up in 1998.

During her talk she gave a very personal account of her experience and how the overwhelming attack from the online realm effected her life. Suddenly the reason for her taking to the Ted arena was evident. According to her over the last 15 years we have been, “sowing the seeds of shame and public humiliation in our cultural soil both on and offline.” She talked thought the tragedy that sites have been creating revenue from click off the back of public shaming and general titillation. Lewinsky finished her talk with a call to start combating this overwhelming issue with one tool, compassion.