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Lenovo website hacked, Lizard Squad responsible

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Lenovo hack

Lenovo’s website was hacked and defaced yesterday, and continued timing out late into the night. Earlier this week we wrote about the laptop manufacturer, who’ve been selling their wares pre-installed with Superfish, a piece of adware whose design allows hackers and snoopers access via a backdoor it creates when running.

This has provoked the ire of many, not least it seems the increasingly noisy Lizard Squad, a hack group who in the last few weeks have claimed responsibility for major-profile hacks on the Playstation network, Google Vietnam, and, holy of holies, Taylor Swift’s twitter account.

Lizard Squad

Lizard Squad are quickly picking up the same notoriety as predecessors LulzSec


The attack bore similarities to the attack on Google Vietnam, with the site being replaced with a series of anodyne selfies, accompanied by High School Musical‘s “Breaking Free”. When clicked, the top link lead to the groups twitter feed, @Lizardcircle. The group appeared to claim responsibility in a tweet posted some time after the attack.


It’s not clear whether the attack was in response to the recent revelations. Hackers associated with Lizard Squad have gone on record with attitudes similar to that of the now defunct LulzSec, who unlike their politicised counterparts Anonymous were not heavily tied to any particular political agenda, instead emphasising the anarchic entertainment value of the exploits. As one Lizard Squad hacker told the BBC, they do it “because we can”.

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