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Microsoft axing Internet Explorer brand

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Nostalgia blog posts at the ready, global conglomerate Microsoft has announced today that Internet Explorer is to be discontinued. ‘I find I just don’t know what to do with myself, I am utterly distraught‘, is a comment currently being made by very few out there as, let’s face it, only the very few with not but a semblance of coolness have used Internet Explorer in the recent past. And for most of them it was probably as a deputy browser on their parents computer while the Mac was at the shop.

But this wasn’t always the case, there was a time when we basically had no choice. Before Mozilla Firefox (which emerged in 2002) Internet Explorer was our default browser. Those old enough will remember countless hours waiting for that little bastard of an hourglass to reload itself as the box emerged from the dark declaring ‘Internet Explorer is shutting down‘. Now, I doubt many will bat an eyelid, Firefox is currently struggling but Google’s open source competitor Google Chrome and Safari for the Mac OSX have fully cornered the market for browsers.

The announcement came today. Internet Explorer will now be given an as-yet-undecided name, as part of what’s currently being referred to as Project Spartan, summoning the spirit of the Greeks. Microsoft’s Chris Caposella announced, “We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10.” Not giving much away, but Caposella also emphasised putting the Microsoft brand before the Windows or Internet Explorer brands and unearthed some interesting research data to back up his point. The majority of Google Chrome users found the most appealing name for the brand to be Microsoft A, unsurprisingly the least appealing was our old flame Internet Explorer.

So farewell to our faithful open source friend, and cue the nostalgia posts. Although Internet Explorer isn’t being discontinued entirely, the name will be no more, and we wait with baited breath for a new one. There weren’t only bad times, most in my generation will remember Internet Explorer as their gateway to the Internet and what at the time was hours and hours of free and fulfilling fun (we didn’t have much time for Snowden’s ideas back then). But the fact is, there are definitely worse things to get upset over, and you feel that once a new name is selected, the ex-manifestation of Internet Explorer will quickly be long forgotten.

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