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Star Wars and memes enter net neutrality battle

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Members of the FCC have criticised the rules on broadband regulation ever since they were voted for on 26 February, but the debate was taken to higher planes after Ajit Pai turned to the words of Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine to denounce the new rules.

“Young fool … Only now, at the end, do you understand.” With these words Ajit Pai,  Republican FCC member, quoted the Emperor of the Galactic Empire with regards what he considers to be these regressive new regulations. The new rules, backed by President Obama and internet activists, prevent broadband providers from creating fast and slow lanes of internet traffic based on commercial payments.

Why the Republicans chose to associate themselves with the words of a politically manipulative and deceptive Lord of the Sith, we can only guess. Meanwhile, the battle between sides continues, as proponents flew over the HQ of cable giant Comcast with a plane banner depicting Grumpy Cat, reading: “Comcast: Don’t Mess With the Internet. #SorryNotSorry.”


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