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Top Facebook Engineer joins the White House

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The Obama administration has gone shopping in Silicon Valley for staff, poaching Facebook’s Engineering Director David Recordon for a position as the White House’s Director for Information Technology.

In a post by the President’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Obama stated “In our continued efforts to serve our citizens better, we’re bringing in top tech leaders to support our teams across the federal government. Today, I’m pleased to welcome David Recordon as the Director of White House Information Technology. His considerable private sector experience and ability to deploy the latest collaborative and communication technologies will be a great asset to our work on behalf of the American people.”

Recordon will be heading a team to ensure the White House’s internal IT systems are efficient, effective and perhaps most importantly, secure. Recordon had actually previously met with the government in August last year, posting about how he “had an amazing opportunity to spend a short period of time digging into another hairy technology problem along with a SRE from Google. Both of us were lucky enough to be in positions where we could set aside our jobs and take a break from our companies.

“While I’m not planning to move to DC or to go work for the government” he continued, “I hope to continue finding ways to help these teams learn how to build high-quality technology. Ultimately we need to get smart compassionate engineers, product managers, and designers working to help our country deliver the sort of digital services we should expect and that the United Kingdom has shown is possible.”

Poaching the Engineering Director of one of the world’s biggest web companies is an extremely smart move by the Obama administration, but it’s clear this decision has been in the works for some time. Judging by Recordon’s comments in August, it must be extremely difficult to refuse a soft-touch approach from the President.

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