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ISIS threaten co-founder of Twitter

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The social media war continues and ISIS’ social media threats have stepped up. Co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey has been specifically targeted with death threats by the extremist organisation over instituting a Twitter policy of blocking ISIS accounts, something that US tech companies have been doing since the summer.

They posted on image sharing site with this message:

“You started this failed war … We told you from the beginning it’s not your war, but you didn’t get it and kept closing our accounts on Twitter, but we always come back. But when our lions come and take your breath, you will never come back to life.”

Twitter’s terms of service explicitly ban, “Direct, specific threats of violence against others”, and they, along with YouTube, have used these terms to regularly shut down ISIS’ Twitter accounts. There are now over 100 people working to find these accounts and have them removed and it appears ISIS are ruffled. A spokesman for Twitter was subdued on the matter:

“Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials.”

For an in-depth look at ISIS’ social media prowess and the new British army brigade fighting on the social media battlefront, check out the next issue of Stateless, landing March 11th.


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