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Pokemon, did you ever catch them all?

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If you were born in the early 90’s there is one cultural phenomenon that more than likely dominated you life. Pokemon! You may have liked the show, been on your Gameboy 24/7 or even been THAT kid who had a Venusaur card. What ever your level of immersion, it is more than likely this fad had some effect on you. But do you remember the catchphrase emblazoned over every card, game and anime show; “Gotta catch ‘em all!.” Who the hell ever did, seriously how was it even possible? Well, it seems that a conglomerate of Internet users on the TwitchPlaysPokemon decided to take on the task and as of yesterday they caught Mewtwo. Thus completing their horde of 151 captured animals trained to fight (Jesus Pokemon really was sick).

The TwitchPlaysPokemon channel has been going for a year. But instead of being a game you play by yourself, Twitch has transformed the Pokemon into a massively multiplayer online version with thousands of players descending on the site as the character on screen is controlled by commands sent over the comment stream.

Thousands of users controlling one Pokemon trainer

Thousands of users controlling one Pokemon trainer

As can be seen from the image above, this created a frenzy of people typing in commands to control the on screen Pokemon trainer. From battling other trainers to simply walking from town to town, this was all done via a massive thread containing thousands of unique users. What Twitch has proved is that too many chefs is not necessary a disadvantage as the group has successfully caught all 151 creatures yesterday. And it only took 40 days with 6 million commands being sent thought the stream.