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VIDEO: Would you choose to live on Mars?

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As global warming burns up the Earth, The Mars One project has been busy seeking an alternative. Founded in 2012, the project aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars, aiming to dispatch their first convoy of people on a one-way mission to the red planet in 2024. The project has sifted through 200,000 volunteers for the mission and in February announced its first shortlist of 660 people, four of whom will earn a seat on the first four-man spacecraft. The Guardian interviewed three of these finalists in the video below, where they discuss their reasons for wanting to make the trip.

Should the mission become a reality, the chosen volunteers will never return to Earth.

If you’re curious about what their new home will look like without wanting to commit to a one-way ticket, Greely Haven offers a panoramic view of Mars shot from the Rover Opportunity in 2012, assembled from 817 different images shot over six months: and the advantage of pioneering from your laptop is that you can turn it off and go to the pub once it gets tedious.

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