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Embrace the styles of Mesoamerica

Take some Aztec inspiration from the depths of Mesoamerica, and infuse it in your home with these simple steps.

Bright colours, geometric prints and patterns inspired by the sun, stars and earth are some of the cultural legacies left behind by the native people of Central America. This style provides plenty of opportunity to sprinkle a carnival of colours onto your space. Photography provided by Emily Katz.

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The Aztec design is universally know for its use of exquisite, yet intricate, textile desing patterns. Interiors from South America offer plenty of inspiration for the modern woman looking to create a confident and cultivated home style. Striking Aztec design accents work perfectly in little or elaborate places and can transform a minimalistic city apartment.

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The Aztec design is not limited to a specified colour palette, but it’s mostly assciated with dark, rick and warm tones (think red, gold and bronze). When working with smaller rooms and areas, adopting the coral colour adds a modern lighter touch, which still lends itself to the Aztec interior theme.

Tropical foliage

Bring the outdoors indoors with large flat-leafed plants. Plants like aralia, philodendron and cacti give an exotic feel to your room and adding brightly coloured flowers, such as sunflowers, can complement the warm colour tones of the Mesoamerican style. Fake or plastic flowers are very on trend at the minute, and so long lasting. Plus, you don’t even have to remember to water them!

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Wickerwork baskets and furniture

These woven wonders provide a stylish storage solution for those who only have a small space to work with. Opt for a chic cylinder shape to fill with any spare blankets and towels. Tesco have a great selection to choose from to suit all budgets.

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Combine a natural, outdoorsy feel of earty deadwood with clean shapes of funky plant pots to create a contemporary, yet retro, feel in your home. Maintain this vibe with subtle and homely Aztec accents.

Modern Macrame - Cot Throw Pillows Wall Hanging Plant Hangers Nautical Lookbook


Exuding rugged charm, put a modern spin on an ancient Aztec staple with a geometric patterned rug. Layer clashin prints to add a little flavour and inject a structural, textual dimension to your living space. Ikea has a great range of styles to suit all tastes.

Modern Macrame - Thick Natural Rope Driftwod Nautical Wall Hanging

Inspired by this Aztec aspiration? Check out more in our full magazine here.

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