The Paget Rooms, Victoria Road

Calls for 24 hour access to defibrillator in Penarth

6 November 2017

A campaigner from Penarth says lives could be at risk unless a council owned defibrillator is made fully accessible.

Defibrillators can save lives during a heart attack.

“I think you would find that nearly every family within Penarth has probably had some incident where they might have lost a loved one to a heart attack,” says Penarth businesswoman Cathy O’Doherty.

Although there is  a device in the council owned Paget Rooms building (pictured) on Victoria Road, it can only be used when the building is in use.

Ms O’Doherty has been trying to make the defibrillator accessible around the clock by moving it outside.

This requires a temperature controlled box, which can cost up to £900. Penarth Town Council say they can’t afford it.

The box cannot be placed on walls of the Paget Rooms, as it is a listed building.

But the council say the defibrillator can be moved if someone else raises the money.

Ms O’Doherty is trying to find a suitable location nearby. She hopes to find a nearby business building that could accommodate the box.

After a location is found, she hopes money can be raised to pay for the box.

“I think there would be a huge amount of local support for this.”


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