Activist says Newport’s council parks “are going down the drain”

8 November 2016

A Welsh Liberal Democrat activist says “something has to be done” about Newport’s parks.

Michael Enea, 43, says there “has been a large erosion of council parks” in the city.

Tredegar Water Park closed down in 2014, and Mr Enea says Newport City Council have also taken old play equipment out of various parks in the city.

Since then, the Newport Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to save council parks in the city.

Mr. Enea, from St. Julians, says the campaign is important.

“When you pay your council tax you expect certain things from life. You expect your rubbish to be collected, you expect potholes in the road to be filled, and good well maintained council parks.

“I’m raising two young kids and I used to take them down to the Tredegar Water Park.

“You used to look at the smile and happiness on their faces and those sort of childhood memories will be with my kids for the rest of their lives.”

Newport is still without a water park, meaning residents have to travel to Bristol, Cardiff, Caerphilly or Pontypridd for their nearest water park.

Mr. Enea says Newport deserves a water feature.

“All neighbouring towns and cities offer a water play experience for their children and Newport seems to be going in a backwards direction.

“A lot of the council parks [in Newport] seem to be going down the drain at the moment.”

Newport City Council have so far been unavailable for a comment.

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