Almost 400 people sign petition to improve pavements outside school

17 February 2017

Parents and teachers from Mary the Immaculate High School in Wenvoe say the lack of pavements outside the school is putting childrens’ lives at risk.

They are calling for extra pavement and road markings on Caerau Lane in Wenvoe.

They say the pavements near the school are too narrow and on one side of the road there is nowhere for pupils to walk.

Assistant Head Teacher Huw Richards says: “As it stands currently there’s only one main pathway that students can walk down and our grave concern is that if something isn’t done to improve road safety… we have real concerns that someone is going to be severely injured soon.”

“We’ve had a number of contacts from parents and likewise from bus companies where there’s been near accidents and students have been hit by the side of the car. As of yet there hasn’t been a fatality but that is our greatest concern.”

The school sits on a boundary between Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan councils. Mr Richards says the pavements and crossings directly outside the school are the responsibility of Vale of Glamorgan Council and the pavements that lead up to the school are under the care of Cardiff City Council.

But Cardiff City Council say the whole road is part of Vale of Glamorgan so there is nothing they can do.

Vale of Glamorgan have been approached for comment.



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