Councillor criticises Canton mosque protest leaflet

8 November 2016

Anonymous leaflets have been posted through residents’ letterboxes following plans to build a new mosque in Canton.

The leaflet is objecting to the development of the mosque on Sanatorium Road. It has no signature or contact details. It claims the mosque would lead to an increase in traffic, as well as parking and noise problems.

The plans are for a two-storey mosque with a community hall and parking. It would have a 13m dome and an 18m minaret. A group of Muslims in Cardiff bought the land which currently is the site of an office building.

An earlier planning application for the mosque was refused by Cardiff Council in February this year. This is now the third application for the mosque and has yet to be approved by the planning committee.

Labour councillor for Canton, Richard Cook, says people have a right to discuss their objections but says it is wrong to release a leaflet anonymously.

He says when the previous application was proposed only one Canton resident contacted him saying they had concerns about parking. The leaflets have been posted following the latest application – and Councillor Cook says more than 200 people have now signed an online petition against the development.

The leaflets include contact details for Cardiff Council’s Leader, Phil Bale, and urge residents to contact him ‘to object against this development’.

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