Appeal for staff to work extra shifts at UHW because of snow

11 December 2017

Healthcare workers at University Hospital of Wales are being asked to come in and work extra shifts because of the bad weather.

A Facebook post was sent out yesterday appealing for help as some staff had been affected by the snow.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board say it was simply a precautionary measure, and that the hospital was fully staffed.

But it has led to calls for more to be done to help hospital workers at this time of the year.

Independent Councillor for Heath and Birchgrove Fenella Bowden, says she hopes extra provisions will be put in place for the rest of winter.

Cllr Bowden says she’s worried that bad weather will lead to a lack of staff in hospitals over the next few months:

“It isn’t just UHW that are struggling with getting staff in, and once you can’t get sufficient amounts of staff into work, operations get cancelled, clinics get cancelled, we have a build up in A&E. Inevitably when people are out and about in icy and snowy conditions there are more accidents”.

She thinks more public transport in Cardiff North could also help those who have problems getting to work over the winter.

Despite the bad weather, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board said hospitals services were not affected.

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