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TV’s Blue Planet boosts doorstep deliveries says Leckwith dairy

30 January 2018

A local dairy says the TV programme Blue Planet II has increased interest in milk deliveries in reusable glass.

Cross’s Dairies based in Leckwith says the BBC programme has made people realise the damage plastic can do to the environment.

Owner Peter Cross says he has had over 100 inquiries about doostep deliveries since the programme highlighted the damage to sealife from plastic waste.

“People… are opting for returnable glass bottles which are better for the environment,” he said.

Wales currently boasts the highest recycling rates in the UK and the Welsh Government is considering a disposable plastic tax.

Mr Cross conceded while mainly older people welcomed the return of glass bottles, others thought using the local milkman was too expensive.

Jon Chapman, who lives in Cathays is one of those concerned about the cost, saying although “it’s probably better to get it out of a glass bottle than plastic, I wouldn’t pay that extra money.”

Mr Chapman thinks the responsibility should fall to the supermarkets to tackle single-use plastic and added “it should be subsidised” instead of pushing further costs onto the consumer.

Mr Cross would like people like Mr Chapman to rethink, pointing out: “Obviously, there’s an extra cost involved but you have to weigh the pros and cons. You have to think about the future generation.”

One of Mr Cross’s customers says having milk delivered is “easier and nicer”. David Clubb lives in Canton and hasn’t bought milk from the supermarket in four years. He said: “if you’re getting milk from your local milkman, you’re recycling, cutting back on plastic and supporting a local business. It’s much better by far.”

Cross’s Dairies still face competition from the supermarkets and Mr Clubb says “supermarkets are undercutting local milkmen.”

“Although supermarkets are cheaper, they squeeze out the local milkman. Yes, our milk is dearer, but consider the fact its a local business and we are more environmentally friendly.”

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