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Bute Park visitors call on Council to replace diesel vans

24 January 2017

Regular users of Cardiff’s Bute Park are calling on the council to replace diesel vans used by groundsmen.

They say the diesel vehicles are bad for the environment and are calling for them to be replaced with electric ones which are more environmentally friendly.

They also say the vans currently used by Cardiff City Council cut up grass verges in the park, spreading mud onto the pavement.

Ken Barker, secretary for the Cardiff and Vale Green Party, said: “There are objections to large diesel engine vehicles in the park and destroying the peacefulness of the park, and also causing annoyance because of the pollution of diesel vehicles.

Diesel is now understood to be a polluting process and we should be doing our best to cut it down.”

Cardiff City Council say they are in the process of making the vans smaller and say damaged verges will be replaced.

But, they did not say whether the new vehicles would be more environmentally friendly.

Mr. Barker says the council should replace the vans. “It would actually be a good idea for the Council’s plan to replace these diesel vehicles they operate with electric vehicles for example. They should also pass on the message to suppliers.”

If the use of the of diesel vans does continue, Mr. Barker says it could harm the peaceful nature of the park.

“They are destroying the peacefulness of the park. People feel the park is not for them. Cardiff Council needs to take a leap in discouraging diesel vehicles. Electric would be better than diesel.”

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