Caerphilly Road “nightmare” will get worse if Council close roads

7 February 2017

Cardiff City Council has proposed closing access to several roads off Caerphilly Road in Birchgrove.

This means residents of Tair Erw Road, Pedair Erw Road, Pum Erw Road and Heol Dyfed won’t have access to their homes from Caerphilly Road.

This follows controversial roadworks and the introduction of a new bus lane on the road at the end of last year.

Heath Independent Councillor, Fenella Bowden, describes Caerphilly Road as a “nightmare.”

She says “I think they’re (the council) excusing themselves for a scheme that actually doesn’t fit the road.”

There were six car accidents in two weeks after the bus lane was introduced, raising concerns that it was contributing to the high amount of accidents.

The bus lane was introduced despite continued opposition from councillors and residents in the area.

Dee Mackey, 38,  who lives on Tair Erw Road says  “If this proposal goes ahead it’s really going to affect our street.

“All the residents that would access their street and join Caerphilly Road are going to have to use other routes or go down to Heathwood Road and that’s really busy already.”

She says “It will cause delays… it’s not good news for residents on our street or the neighbouring streets.”

A spokesperson from Cardiff City Council says the proposal has been put forward to improve traffic flow and safety on Caerphilly Road.

They denied it was because of the number of car accidents immediately after the bus lane was introduced.

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