Call for city-wide 20mph limit in Cardiff

11 December 2017

The charity Living Streets Wales is calling for a city-wide speed limit of 20mph in Cardiff.

They say nearly a third of parents in Cardiff feel it’s unsafe for their child to walk to school.

Cardiff Council has started work on two 20mph zones out of a proposed four in the capital.

But the charity says more can be done to make Cardiff safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

Living Streets Cymru has been based in Cardiff for two years, and wants better provision for pedestrians in the capital. The charity, which describes itself as a charity for everyday walking says a city-wide speed limit of 20mph would give better protection to pedestrians, as well as reduce pollution.

Cardiff Council has started work on two such zones in Canton and Riverside, but says other roads will remain at 30mph. Rachel Maycock, charity manager, thinks keeping it the same throughout the city would be better.

‘We’ve had pilots which have proven to be successful in terms of bringing speeds down, but by rolling it out small patch by small patch, it’s fairly confusing for drivers, it’s 40, it’s 30, it’s 20. What we’d like to see at Living Streets Cymru is 20mph right across the city.’






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