Call for expert advice on impact of Barry power plant

10 March 2017

People in Barry are asking for independent advice on the impact of a new power plant that will burn waste wood for electricity.

Construction on the plant has already begun at Barry Docks, but regulator Natural Resources Wales are still to decide whether to grant a licence for the plant to begin operating.

Councillors in Barry want the town council to allocate funding for an independent investigation into the impact of the plant before Natural Resources Wales decides on the licence on 8 May.

Nic Hodges, Plaid Cymru councillor for Baruc in Barry, says he doesn’t want the licence to be granted.

He said: “People are worried that the gases that are released will be largely trapped and blown across huge parts of the town where they live.

“They want it blocked and I have to say I agree with them.”

People living on a street overlooking the site spoke to CJS News about their concerns.

Eloise Harrhy said: “To be honest there’s a lot of people that think really strongly about this and I think you’ll see a lot of demonstrations.

“It’s an absolute nightmare for the people of Barry if I’m honest.”

Natural Resources Wales say they are carrying out a thorough assessment of the application for the licence, and are considering raising the concerns made by residents on air quality and public health.

Sunshine Renewables, the company that will operate the plant, have been contacted for comment.

Barry Town Council will decide on getting expert opinion at a full council meeting.

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