Calls for sex education to be introduced in Welsh schools from the age of 4

10 March 2017

A Welsh charity says compulsory sex education should be introduced in schools in Wales from the age of 4.

Similar plans were announced last week for schools across England.

The head of NSPCC Cymru, Des Mannion, says change is necessary to cope with a changing world: “It’s clear that change is urgently needed. The world that children and young people are growing up in differs hugely from even 10 years ago.”

“Without appropriate and up to date personal and social education and sex and relationships education, children and young people are left at risk and unprepared for issues they might face.”

Owen Hathway, NUT Cymru Policy Officer, echoes this and says as children are exposed to more things online, teaching should reflect this: “Children are exposed to issues around sex and sexuality at a much younger age because of new technologies.”

“And perhaps it’s incumbent on schools to react to that in how they teach that subject.”

In a statement, the Welsh Government says sex education is already a requirement for students in secondary school: “In Wales, sex and relationship education has been a statutory part of the curriculum in Wales since 2008 and we expect young people to receive age appropriate sex and relationships education.”

“Ensuring children and young people are healthy and confident will also be at the heart of our new curriculum.”

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