Old mattresses left on coastal path

Calls to clear fly-tipping from coastal path

13 March 2018

Walkers say more needs to be done to clean up Cardiff’s coastal pathways.

Rubbish dumped on Rover Way between Splott and Tremorfa includes mattresses, old plastic toys and a car.

The road forms part of the Cardiff coastal path, which is promoted as a tourist walk, but some ramblers say it is an eyesore and needs to be cleaned up.

Carys and Alan Davies from Swansea came to walk the path. Mrs Davies said: “We’re very disappointed. We came with high hopes because we thought this part was going to be a lovely part of Cardiff and when we actually hit the coast, we were so disappointed to see all the fly-tipping. We’ve never seen anything like it and we’ve walked lots of the Wales coastal paths.”

Labour councillor for Splott, Jane Henshaw said: “I think the fly-tipping is anti-social. It’s a huge blight on a beautiful piece of landscape an industrial landscape that reflects the history of the community. We don’t like that. I have one thing to say to fly-tippers: ‘We’re out to get you. If we see it, we’ll report it. If we know who you are, we’ll fine you!'”

Government group, Wales Coastal Path say they are looking into the issue.

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