Cardiff charity calls for a city congestion fee scheme

7 February 2017

A charity in Cardiff is trying to bring in a charge for motorists driving through the city centre.

The charity, Living Streets, says a charge will help to reduce traffic and pollution levels in the city.

The proposed plan will be similar to the congestion zone in London, where drivers are charged £11.50 for driving in the centre on Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm.

This call comes five years after a similar scheme was rejected by Cardiff City Council.

Living Streets manager, Rachel Maycock, says she’s appealed to political parties to judge the practicality of her plan.

She says: “What we’ve asked all the parties to do is ask the council to assess the usefulness of a scheme like road pricing that could reduce air pollution and congestion. We hope this will increase walking, cycling and transport availability.”

Ms Maycock also says the charity is not trying to be an inconvenience to road users.

“What we don’t want is that Cardiff should adopt a scheme from anywhere else. Anything that’s going to work in Cardiff has to be developed in Cardiff with people who live and drive here.

“We don’t want the city to come to a standstill. What we’re talking about is actually making the city move better”.

Some drivers in Cardiff are not too happy about the proposal.

One driver says congestion charges do work in some other cities, but only if it’s part of a bigger picture.

“You can’t just charge people to use their cars – you’ve got to provide alternatives.”

The Council have been unavailable for comment.


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