Cardiff councillor calls for “more control” after rise in dog attacks

10 March 2017

New figures show the number of reported dog attacks in Wales has gone up by twenty four per cent .

There were 634 reported attacks in 2016, up from 510 in 2015.

These figures are from a Freedom of Information request to Welsh Police forces.

Dilwar Ali, Labour Councillor for Llandaff North says more needs to be done to keep dogs under control.

His son was attacked at home by a neighbour’s Rhodesian Ridgeback in 2011.

He says, “The recent figures indicating the increase in dog attacks are really shocking. We need more responsible ownership to help take care of our pets.

“This needs to be stopped at an earlier stage. The community prevention act is not working properly. We need more training and more education.

“We need there to be more control of dog ownership. Please, take care of your dogs.”

The Community Prevention Act was introduced in 2014 to encourage responsible dog ownership and reduce the number of attacks.

But even though there’s been an increase in attacks, the same FOI showed the number of dogs seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act has fallen. In South Wales the number has gone down from 113 to 72 over the past year.


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