Taff Trail cyclists

Cardiff cyclists angry at “dangerous” Taff Trail

6 December 2016

Cardiff cyclists say wet leaves left lying on the Taff Trail are making it unsafe.

They say the City Council, which has responsibility for the Trail, isn’t sweeping up the leaves enough and the path is becoming treacherous.

Henry Griffin, a cyclist (pictured below) said, “More definitely needs to be done, maybe regulating how many people go down there and even closing it off at night, so the leaves don’t get clogged up by all the walkers and cyclists.”


The Taff trail is a major cycle route into the city. It starts out in Brecon and runs southwards through the city, down to Cardiff Bay. Hundreds of people use it to commute into Cardiff every day. It’s shared by joggers and dog walkers and at this time of year, the trail can become especially slippery. Cyclists weave in and out of each other and get frustrated by the state of the paths as they are worried about accidents.

Sustrans Cymru is a charity that campaigns to create new cycle routes across Wales. They want to encourage more people to leave their cars at home and take up cycling. They say that Cardiff City Council spends less than some other councils on the upkeep of the trails.

Ryland Jones, from Sustrans (pictured below) said, “Councils don’t have sufficient funding to prioritise everything and they also have to maintain the roads. Unless they have enough funds to carry out the work on a regular basis the routes become unsuitable very quickly.”

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No-one from Cardiff City Council was available for comment.

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