Uneven paving in Cardiff city centre

Charity says Cardiff is unsafe for blind people

27 February 2018

Obstacles on Cardiff’s pavements are making it hard for visually impaired people to walk around says RNIB Cymru.
Elin Edwards who works for the charity told CJS News: “What we’re finding is, when there are trip hazards, like an A-board in the street, they are things that move, so it can make it difficult for blind or partially-sighted people to learn their route. They’re at risk of falls, which can make them nervous – and that can lead to other health issues as well.

“For a blind person, being able to learn your route around town, to and from home, is vital for their sense of independence.”

She added that small changes by home and business owners could make a big difference. There are around 106,000 people across Wales who are blind or who have other visual impairments according to the charity, with around 10,000 of them in and around Cardiff.

Meanwhile some blind people living in Cardiff said it could be easy for sighted people to overlook the issue.

Chris Baker has a guide dog, but says most sighted people do not realise how easy it is for her, and others like her, to become confused: “I’d say to people, cut your hedges back as best as you can, and keep A-boards right in close to the wall.”

Cardiff Council have been approached for comment.

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