The derelict garage on Caerphilly Road

Concerns over derelict “eyesore” on Caerphilly Road

24 January 2017

Residents say they want the council to step in to sort out a derelict garage in Birchgrove.

The building, on Caerphilly Road,  has been derelict for more than five years.

Heather Ward, who lives on the street, says that people often go in and out late at night and this disturbs residents.

She says that neglect of the site has allowed streams of litter to build up.

“You can’t help but notice it. We’ve got druggies in there, we’ve got bottles strewn all over the floor. Alcohol, beer, that sort of thing”.

In the last year there has been more than £2 million spent on refurbishing the road surface and other buildings and shopfronts in Birchgrove, but the garage has been left empty.

Mrs Ward says “It’s not very nice having it on the doorstep as it’s attracting all the wrong sort of people”.

She says she wants Cardiff City Council to do something about it.

Fenella Bowden, Independent Councillor for Heath says “As far as I’m concerned it’s time for the council to exercise its powers to deal with properties like this that are derelict”.

“They’re an eyesore and can create problems within the community”.

The Council say it’s private land and they can only intervene when the problem becomes a public health issue. They say that it’s a legal matter that can cost the council a significant amount of money, and that residents need to deal directly with the landowner.

CJS News has so far not been able to contact the landowner.

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