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Council is ‘ignoring parents’ in schools decision

13 March 2018

Some parents in Cardiff say the council is ignoring them over a new strategy to decide secondary school places.

Nearly 80% of those who took part in a council survey said they wanted secondary school places to be based on the primary school pupils attend.

But the council is likely to approve a second option of pupils going to the secondary school nearest their home.

Parent Renato Pequito said: “They gathered a few parents together for three or four consultations in our area and then they just disregarded our opinions. Whilst I can see it’s hard making such an important decision, it would be good to be more involved and to know the reason why the report basically ignored the consultations. It is very frustrating.”

Of the 1,200 people who responded to the questionnaire, 79% wanted priority for places to be given to pupils at schools that act as feeders to local secondaries.

However, the Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Sarah Merry has said “on balance” the case for change had not been made.

“A report will go to cabinet on Thursday which recommends Option A, which is broadly similar to the admissions policy we’ve got currently,” Cllr Merry said.

The final outcome will be decided on Thursday at County Hall.

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