Councillor’s concern over new flats for Grangetown

20 January 2017

A local councillor in Grangetown says plans for 19 new flats in the area do not have enough parking spaces.

The 19 new flats will be built inside the decorating shop FA Jones on Penarth Road, which will be demolished if the plans are approved by Cardiff City Council.

But Labour councillor for Grangetown Lynda Thorne says while there is parking space available, more needs to be done: “There is some parking space but that is for residents of Thomas Street, so this is just going to make the situation worse.

FA Jones is closing down after 65 years.

FA Jones is closing down after 65 years.

I understand the council are encouraging people not to use their cars but some people still need to use cars.”

If plans for the 19 flats are approved, they will be used for affordable housing. According to developers, this is a reason why the council have agreed to a zero parking policy.

Cllr Thorne said: “Even if nobody owned a car in the block, people still have visitors. They have doctors, nurses, repair men and delivery men.

There is nothing that I can see in those plans that makes these provisions.”

Developers Hale Construction say they will provide two disabled parking spaces behind the flats. They also say because the flats are being built on Penarth Road, one of Grangetown’s major roads, they do not need to provide any parking provision.

Cllr Thorne says because Grangetown has massive problem with parking, these plans make the situation worse.

Parking in Grangetown

Parking in Grangetown

“The fact we are on a main road, and the fact Grangetown has a problem with commuters who park their cars and catch a bus or walk into town makes this situation worse.

I’m on planning committee, in most other areas of the city when you get a planning application they complain if there is not one parking space per property.

And yet here in Grangetown and Butetown, where they are building affordable flats and saying there is no requirement for parking.

I just don’t think they understand the problems we are facing.”

Cardiff Council were unavailable for comment


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