Customers angry at “inappropriate” receipts

14 February 2017

Some customers are criticising a car parts shop in Cardiff for featuring “inappropriate” images of women on their receipts.

GMF Motors, which has three stores across the city, says the images are of women who work in the store and they don’t see anything wrong with it.

But customers say the receipts are discriminatory towards women and discourage them from entering an already male dominated automotive industry.

Customer Ann-Marie Bateman (pictured) told CJS News: “I think it’s really old-fashioned, outdated and gives a lack of professionalism to a company. It’s a professional organisation and they should be acting better in today’s world.”

GMF has recently posted an article on Facebook encouraging women to enter the industry, but some customers say the images on the receipts contradict this.

Mrs Bateman thinks the receipts send out the wrong message: “I’m happy for them to put images of women but why not ones of them in overalls? I was actually a little bit embarrassed to show it to my eight year old daughter and she said ‘Why is she dressed in a bikini?’ The way she’s posed is not appropriate.”

The AA said: “This represents very poor taste – the image of a young lady in a state of undress has absolutely nothing to do with brakes.”

CJS News approached GMF Motors for a comment but nobody was available for interview.

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