On-street cycle hangar

Cyclists call for safe storage scheme in Cardiff

6 March 2018

Cyclists are calling on Cardiff Council to introduce a cycle storage scheme in the city. 

Campaign group Cardiff Cycle City say they’re negotiating with Cardiff Council to get more protection for bikes in the city.

They say bike hangars, which are lockable pods that can store bikes in the street, will help keep them safe.

The scheme is currently being used in Bristol and London.

“The cycle hangars provide a really safe and secure and attractive storage option for people who may not necessarily want or be able to keep their bikes in their houses,” said cyclist Alec Taylor.

“Especially if there’re incidents of crime that’ve been reported in the area, having the option of keeping your bike in a visible, safe and secure location is a fantastic thing and they’ve been trialled successfully in other cities.”

The hangars can cost more than £1000, with some councils charging residents a monthly fee of around £2.50 to use them.

But Labour Councillor for Canton, Ramesh Patel, says caution is needed.

“It has to be tested and we have to see how practical it has been in other cities,” he said.

“We also have to look at problems it could introduce- for example, does it become a target for antisocial behaviour?”

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