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Joel Williams

“Dangerous” parking increases in Pontprennau

20 January 2017

Residents in Pontprennau are calling on the council to put a stop to dangerous and anti-social parking in the area.

A lack of spaces at Cardiff Gate Business Park is forcing workers to leave their cars in residential areas during the week.

Workers at Cardiff Gate who do not have permits either pay £10 a day or park on the streets – blocking driveways and access to houses.

Joel Williams, a prospective Conservative candidate for Pontprennau and Old St Mellons says parking and congestion in the area has been an issue for years.

‘The volume of cars parked in the community has progressively got worse over the last four years, and even in the last six months. It’s causing a grave disruption to residents.

‘The answer is not simply to double yellow line roads, because that would force the problem outside people’s homes’.

A petition to Cardiff City Council has been signed by 371 residents, here’s what they say.


Dianne Rees, Councillor for Pontprennau and Old St Mellons says it’s been an issue since the council’s planning department permitted business areas in and around residential areas.

‘It cannot undo the bad planning that went into the development of the area but it can prevent the problem getting worse.

‘The situation creates anger in motorists and potential danger when impatient drivers undertake risky manoeuvres’.

Cllr Rees says pressures are further aggravated by the new primary school which has very limited parking available and the Community Church Centre’s policy stops parents using their car park.

The council says it is now looking into resident only access and timed parking bays which would fine drivers who breach the permits.

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