Ian Butcher says the damage is stopping him from using the pavements safely

Disabled people in Heath want council to fix pavements

28 November 2016

People with restricted mobility living in the Heath area of Cardiff say they are struggling to use pavements on Manor Way after recent roadworks.

They say paths were damaged by the digging but have not been repaired.

The works were part of Cardiff City Council’s Local Transport Plan to improve access within the community.

The Council said before the works began that they would make it easier for people to get in and out of the city.

But now the re-construction is complete, some have said the situation has been made worse and it’s now harder to get around than before.

Ian Butcher, 65, says it’s now almost impossible to get onto the paths outside his house because of the damage, which has left the surface uneven and full of holes.

‘It’s like going up and down a mountain, getting over them. Why they can’t finish it in one go, I do not know’.


Uneven surfaces and potholes left by the roadworks


Mr Butcher says his mobility scooter now has to dodge piles of debris left over from the construction as well as potholes, which are only covered up with unfixed plastic sheets.

Independent Heath Councillor Fenella Bowden, says the council needs to repair the damage.

‘The pavements have just been left in an utter mess. It has made using Manor Way much more difficult.’

CJS News approached Cardiff City Council for a comment.


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