Chapelwood park in Llanedyrn closed indefinitely

Fury over Cardiff park closure

16 February 2018

The closure of a Llanedeyrn playground is “madness” according to a local councillor

Chapelwood park in Llanedeyrn has been shut since December after a tar-like substance was found on a slide according to Lib Dem councillor Joseph Carter.

Cllr Carter claims Cardiff Council say they cannot afford to clean it off until after the next financial year in April, with no date for this to happen.

He said the situation was “utter madness,” adding: “It’s devastating because this a very popular park for younger children. With a new housing estate being built right beside this playground, it’s important that the council come and sort this issue out.”

Cllr Carter does not accept the council’s budget should stand in the way.

“This is a council with a budget of £700m,” he said. “I can’t see how we’re looking at more than a few hundred pounds to fix this, these are very small amounts of money in the grand scheme of things.”

David Kegwin, who chairs the residents’ association said he would be willing to clean the park himself. Mr Kegwin told CJS News: “Residents are furious that it’s been closed”.

He added local people were worried the park would be “closed and demolished for redevelopment”.

Cllr Carter has sent a formal complaint to the council and is awaiting a response.

We asked for Cardiff Council for a statement but they were unavailable for comment.

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