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Government’s segregation report ‘adding fuel to the fire’

6 December 2016

Religious groups in South Wales have criticised a new UK government report which calls for immigrants to take an “oath” of British values.

The Casey Review says  segregation is at “worrying levels” with immigrant and minority communities mainly found in urban areas like Cardiff and Newport.

It also claims public bodies have ignored or condoned harmful religious practices “for fear of being branded racist or Islamophobic.”

The tone of the review has upset some religious and minority communities in South Wales.

The Muslim Council of Wales said it encourages a “them and us” attitude.

The Council told CJS News: “The report implies that migrants have a problem with important British values, which isn’t true.”

And Ali Abdi, who runs community projects for young people from minority backgrounds, says the findings don’t reflect his experiences.

He said: “It’s just adding fuel to the fire at a time when people are turning against each other. In fact, integration is working and people are getting along together.”

The report, commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron last year, was led by Dame Louise Casey.

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