Grangetown greengrocer says yellow lines are affecting business

5 December 2016

A greengrocer in Grangetown says he’s losing customers because of new double yellow lines in front of his shop.

Cardiff City Council recently added the lines outside Martin Young’s fruit and veg shop on Penarth Road. He says they have “affected [business] quite severely” because “there isn’t anywhere for the customers to stop”.

Penarth Road is one of the busiest in Grangetown and Mr Young says the council could use “a single yellow line rather than a double, so [customers] can stop between the hours of ten in the morning and three in the afternoon.” This would allow people to park outside the shop during the day when there is less traffic.

Parking has been an issue in Grangetown for a number of years and Mr Young says at busy times “people just can’t stop and get out of their vehicles.”

Cardiff City Council says road markings like the double yellow lines on Penarth Road are important for “ensuring safety on the highway and that traffic flows as efficiently as possible”. The council says it checks road markings and that “Where the opportunity arises, existing waiting restrictions will be re‐appraised and retained or rescinded.”

Mr Young’s shop is one of the oldest in Grangetown. It has been in his family for three generations and next year will be celebrating 100 years of business.



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