Green Party co-leader calls for sustainable power in Cardiff

7 February 2017

The co-leader of The Green Party is in the Penarth area today talking to locals about how Cardiff can become a greener city.

Jonathan Bartley, who was elected in September, is also meeting with the company that is planning to build the new lagoon – Tidal Lagoon Power, to push forward plans for the project. They say Cardiff will benefit massively from a tidal lagoon because they are the longest-lasting type of renewable energy with a lifespan of around 120 years. They also say lagoons are the cheapest way of producing green energy.

Mr Bartley says “We need more clean, renewable energy sources rather than nuclear stations like Hinckley.”

He is visiting Penarth to support Anthony Slaughter who is the Green Party candidate in the local council election.

The chair of the Environmental Scrutiny Committee for Cardiff City Council, Paul Mitchell, has criticised the tidal lagoon. He says it stops fish from the Rhymney River getting out into the Severn. He also says it increases the speed of the water “which could cause damaging erosion further down the coast”.


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