Liberal Democrat candidate for Gabalfa, Ashley Wood

Gabalfa residents raise concerns about new care home

20 January 2017

People living on Soberton Avenue in Gabalfa say there’s no room for a new care home on their street.

They’re worried the planned development will make parking impossible.

A petition to stop the plans going ahead gathered 56 signatures, but permission was granted last week.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Gabalfa, Ashley Wood, has been helping residents fight the application since it was made in September last year.

He says locals think there isn’t enough space for such a large-scale development.

“It’s a relatively dense terraced street. Residents are concerned that there’s going to be a lot more people coming and going. The parking provision in the planning application isn’t really sufficient. There’s concern it will just spill over into the already saturated road”.

The home will house four adults with learning disabilities and mental heath needs.

It will require an extension to be built and parking spaces allocated for residents and their carers.

Gofal Cymru Care, who will run the service, say Cardiff needs more care facilities like this, because it gives people living there a “greater level of independence and fulfilment.”

But many people already living there think the development will create more problems than it’s worth.

Gofal Cymru Care has already opened one care home on Soberton Avenue, which residents say has increased noise and disturbance levels.

They’re worried this problem will get worse when the new residence opens.

Dr Wood says “It will change the character of the street.”

Gofal Cymru Care has been unavailable for comment.

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