Liberal Democrats “lack female candidates” in three wards

14 February 2017

The Liberal Democrats have defended their decision to only stand male candidates in three wards in the Cardiff Council elections in May.

The Liberal Democrats have put up all male candidates in Adamsdown, Penylan and Plasnewydd.

But the prospective Liberal Democrat candidate for Plasnewydd, Cadan ap Tomos, says the line-up is inclusive.

“I’ve fought my whole life against prejudiced views like sexism and misogyny. Over the years I’ve been dismissed with various ageist and homophobic comments, so, as a young gay person, to be selected to represent my community is a huge honour.”

Mr Tomos says it is “ridiculously offensive” for Labour to dismiss the barriers he has had to overcome to run in the upcoming election.

“Young people are one of the most underrepresented groups in elected political life, yet in a community with very high numbers of students and young professionals Labour haven’t put up a single young candidate.”

He says the Liberal Democrats are standing two young candidates, as well as two who are LGBT+ and one of an ethnic minority in the Plasnewydd election.

Sarah Merry, Labour Councillor for Cathays, says she is annoyed there is a lack of women Liberal Democrat candidates as they should be fairly represented.

“In the Labour party we have a system where we try and have equal representation. So if there are four candidates we expect two of them to be women.

“The fact is, women are 50% of the population and the council is making important decisions that impact women’s lives.

“I think it’s quite shoddy for the party not to see it is an issue. The idea that the voice of 50% of the population just shouldn’t be heard is a complete nonsense.”


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